Over the years of my own professional activity in different roles, I have learned that a decisive criterion, as an employee or in a leadership function, is authenticity.

For me, this means that there is an inwardly experienced and outwardly visible harmony between one's own feelings, thoughts, what is said and what is done.

This creates credibility and is the basis for building trusting relationships. Primal needs that have survived all the changes of time and are at least as relevant today as they were forty years ago.

Creating or restoring this harmony is what coaching is all about for me. To create the state of being able to lean back and listen to oneself in agreement.

However, this does not mean creating unreflective self-satisfaction, but is a process of questioning oneself, one's thoughts, feelings, statements and actions and facing oneself. Honesty and clarity are the basis.

The process can lead to the most diverse results. In the good case, and this is the goal, a situation or a path of action is created on the basis of which coherent decisions can be made or credible changes in behaviour can be made.